Workshop 10

From Metaphor to Matter:
The New Materialism in American Knowledge Production

Laura Bieger (Freiburg) | Jan D. Kucharzewski (Hamburg)

Location: HS III

Hubert Zapf (Augsburg)
Matter, Metaphor, and Cultural Ecology

Christoph Schliephake (Augsburg)
From Green to Brown Landscapes: Re-Rooting Urban Environmental Discourse from Metaphor to Matter

Jasmin Dücker (Köln)
From Rhizomes to Rocks: New Materialism and the Poststructuralist Legacy

Simon Schleusener (FU Berlin)
Knowledge Production, the Material Turn, and American Political Discourse

Simon Dickel (Bochum)
Phenomenology and Embodiments of Difference

Marius Henderson (Hamburg)
Plastic Writing: Materializations of Poietic Language in the Anthropocene

Julius Greve (Köln)
Panpsychism in the American West: Thinking Materiality in the Novels of Mark Z. Danielewski and Cormac McCarthy

Georgiana Banita (Bamberg)
Petro-Knowledge, Petro-Materialism: True Detective, Energy, and Humiliation