Workshop 13

“Playing with the arts and sciences”:
(Post-)Feminist Discourse and the ‘Tools of Patriarchy’

Johanna Heil (Marburg) | Anna Thiemann (Münster)

Location: HS IV

Jeanne Cortiel (Bayreuth)
Rescuing the Female Child: Resident Evil, Feminism, and the Lure of Revelation

Michaela Keck (Oldenburg)
Religion, Science, and Mythmaking in Times of Apocalypse in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam

Katja Schmieder (Leipzig)
The Other Within: Re-/Presentations of Gynecology in Popular Texts

Judith Lakämper (Wayne State University, Detroit)
Corporeal Knowledge: Reclaiming Natural Childbirth as a Feminist Project

Evangelia Kindinger (Bochum)
“Health At Every Size”: Reshaping the Fat Female Body

Kathy-Ann Tan (Tübingen|Wuppertal)
The Limits of Identification and the Body in Pain: Gender, Illness, and Affect in Angela Ellsworth’s Feminist Collaborative Performances