Workshop 15

GeoKnowledges: Mapping in the Analog and Digital Humanities

Ingrid Gessner (Regensburg) | Marc Priewe (Stuttgart)

Location: Room 2.057

Erika Doss (University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN)
Memorial Mapping: Transnational 9/11 Memorials and Geographies of Global Anti-Terrorism

Nathalie Aghoro (Eichstätt)
Sonic Cartographies in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Tropic of Orange

Evelyn P. Mayer (Landshut)
Indigenous Remapping: GeoKnowledges and Survivance in Thomas King’s Truth & Bright Water

Alexander Bräuer (Rostock)
Assessing Geographical Information Systems as Mapping Tools for Colonial Encounters

Mahshid Mayar (Bielefeld)
Turn-of-the-Century Geopolitical Imaginaries of the World: American Dissected Maps and Geopolitical Imperatives of the Rising Empire

Birgit Bauridl (Regensburg)
MapScapes and SignPosts: Deepening the Transcultural Knowledge of the Grafenwöhr Military Community