Workshop 3

Making News: Forms and Formats of Knowing in North America

Hanjo Berressem (Köln) | Sarah Wasserman (FU Berlin)

Location: HS IV

Frank Kelleter (FU Berlin)
Four Theses on the News

MaryAnn Snyder-Körber (Göttingen)
News That Isn’t New: Reprinting, Repetition, and Consensus Construction in 19th-Century Popular Print

Florian Sedlmeier (FU Berlin)
Crane/Howells: The Interview and Forms of Capital

Simone Müller (Freiburg)
“Send two mockingbirds by special order”: Gordon Bennett and the Globalization of American News

Klaus Benesch (LMU München)
Border Radio: News from Elsewhere

Ahu Tanrisever (FU Berlin)
How the News Became Sexy: The Figure of the Newspaper Reporter in Early 1930s Film

Sasha Klein (Köln)
“This is free public information & we are moving it your way!” Alternative News-Making in the American Guerilla TV Movement of the 1960s/70s

Justin Sully (Bonn)
Data Driven News and the Politics of Fact

Mark Seltzer (University of California, Los Angeles)
The News from Outside