Workshop 5

Knowledge – Race – Space:
(De-)Segregated Landscapes of Lore in Historical Perspective

Anke Ortlepp (Kassel)

Location: HS III

Timo Müller (Augsburg)
Negotiating Historical Knowledge: The Sonnet, the Genteel Magazine, and African American Perspectives on the Civil War

Martin Lüthe (FU Berlin)
African American Rap Music as a Trans-medial Archive

Mieke Woelky (FU Berlin)
Lost and Found – New York City’s African Burial Ground and the Struggle over Historical Knowledge

Tazalika M. te Reh (Dortmund)
On Architecture, Space, and the Racial in Black Spaces in New York

Hannah Spahn (Potsdam)
Alternative Sites of Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Black New York

Sabrina Hüttner (Würzburg)
Street Knowledge and the Making of Black Identity in Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem