Workshop 8

“Owning (Human) Nature?”
Literary Knowledge Production and the Life Sciences

Karin Hoepker (Erlangen-Nürnberg) | Heike Schäfer (Konstanz)

Location: HS VI

Kirsten Twelbeck (Hannover)
“The governing power of the world” – Feminism, Motherhood, and Modern Science in Mary Bradley Lane’s Mizora (1880/81)

Heike Schäfer (Konstanz)
“Mind is primarily a verb”: Experiential Knowledge in Dewey’s Pragmatist Evolutionary Thinking and Modernist Poetry

Nassim Winnie Balestrini (Graz)
Grafting Music and Genes: Knowledge Production in Richard Powers’s Orfeo (2014)

Anna M. Horatschek (Kiel)
“Recasting the usual order of things” – Competing Knowledges in Amitav Gosh’s The Hungry Tide

John Purdy (Western Washington)
A Radical Reclamation: Native American Re-Inscriptions of ‘Life Science’ in the Twentieth Century