Where to stay

Stadt + BaseCamp

The City of Bonn’s “Tourismus and Congress GmbH” has reserved a contingent of of hotel rooms especially for participants of our conference. Please book your hotel via this link if you are staying for a maximum of three nights between May 28 and May 31, i.e., only during the conference proper. However, please book via this link for longer stays.

Early bookings are highly recommended (even before registration starts) since there will be some other major events taking place in the city at the time of our conference. It may also be of interest that our keynote speakers and the GAAS officials are staying at the Ameron Hotel Königshof.

If you are young (at heart) you may also want to consider the rather unusual accommodation offered by the BaseCamp Hostel (see above) – the “only indoor vintage faux campground of the galaxy” which features “15 retro caravans, two night sleepers, two American Airstreams, two Volkswagen transporters, a Trabant, a Citroen HY and other oddities.”

Finally, students attending the conference can opt for couchsurfing. So far we have four places on offer; if you are interested, please contact our secretary, Mrs. Krupp (+49/228/737664 | Email)