Workshop 12

(Trans)Pacific Knowledge Landscapes

Nicole Poppenhagen (Vienna) | Jens Temmen (Potsdam)

Location: HS XIII

Iris-Aya Laemmerhirt (Dortmund)
Trans-Pacific Field of Dreams: The Pacific as a Contact Space and Conflict Zone in Hollywood

Yumin Zhang (Berlin)
Masculinities in Transcultural Spaces: Negotiations of Masculinities in Pushing Hands

Vanessa Künnemann (Göttingen)
Middlebrow Mission and the Education of America: Pearl S. Buck’s Creation of an American China

Angela Kölling (Göteborgs Universiteit)
Oceania Knowledges: Traditional Voyaging, Ecocriticism and the Haunting Specter of ‘Salvage Colonialism’

Georg Drennig (Duisburg-Essen)
The Kuroshio Current, Obasan, and Snow Falling on Cedars: Environmental Knowledge and Emplaced Identities.