Workshop 2

Indigenous Knowledges in North America

Birgit Däwes (Wien) | Kerstin Knopf (Greifswald)

Location: HS V

Gerald McMaster (Art Gallery of Ontario)
Memory, Myth, Power: New Dialogues on the Canadian Landscape

Katja Sarkowsky (Münster)
All My Relations: Indigenous Life Writing, Constructions of the Social, and Autobiographical Knowledge

Katharina Motyl (Tübingen)
The Evolution of Indigenous Concepts of ‘Addiction’ and Indigenous Rehabilitation Regimes Today

Thomas Efferth (Mainz)
First Nations Healing – From Traditional Medicine to Experimental Evidence

Richard King (Washington State Unversity, Pullman)
Pedagogy and Preservation at Play: The Problems and Promise of Video Games for Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Russell Kilbourn (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON)
Digital Video, Inuit Cultural Memory, and Knowledge (Re-)Production